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Give the Perfect Christmas Gift: NYSU Learning Activities, Reusable Stickers, and a Letter from Santa!

Surprise a kid with a delightful gift - a personalized letter from Santa and fun-filled activities from NYSU!

In this world of wonder, so bright and grand,
NYSU Learning Activities take a stand.
With colors and numbers, they captivate,
Encouraging young minds to participate.

Animal facts and sounds, they all explore,
Teaching little ones so much more.
Spatial thinking and logical play,
NYSU guides them along the way.

Speech and language, they help to grow,
Emotional and cognitive development, they show.
Backed by research, these activities shine,
The best for toddlers, so divine.

So let us all embrace this educational treasure,
NYSU Learning Activities, a true pleasure.
With strategies recommended by experts so wise,
They unlock the potential behind young eyes.


Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Days to Try and See if Your Child Likes It - We'll Refund If Not!

Shipping is on Santa

Santa-approved bundles with free shipping! Unlock the joy of personalized letters and give the gift of a memorable Christmas.

NYSU community

Become a member of our NYSU community today and enjoy a wide range of benefits. From daily printable activities to interactive discussion groups and expert-led master-classes, our community provides valuable resources for your educational journey. Plus, if you purchase a bundle with a custom letter from Santa, you'll receive the first month free!

Our Care Team is Here

Our Care Team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have! Don't hesitate to reach out - we're ready to assist you!